Getting Families in the Word Webinar

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Webinar for Pastors, Children and Preschool Ministers helping them get the families in their churches into God's Word.

Children and Salvation

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Webinar for pastors, church staff, Children and Preschool ministers, lay leaders on how to lead a child to Christ.

Tips for Teaching, Reaching and Ministry for Student Leaders

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Join us for a time of tips, encouragement and sharing for teachers and leaders of students grade 6-12. Daniel Edmonds and Zac Workun of Lifeway will lead you through a session that will encourage and equip student leaders old and new alike in their ministry.

Ministry Safe: Sexual Abuse Risk – Changes in Landscape

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Greg Love of Ministry Safe hosts a session on the new challenges related to child sexual abuse in ministry: insurance requirements, legislative changes, and how predators have adapted during Covid. The session will conclude with an overview of steps to take to deal with the 'old' challenge while correctly navigating the 'new' challenges.   Click […]

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