Concourse Library Software

Virtual Event

In this webinar, Allison Maynard and Suzanne Burton will focus on the Concourse Library Software Program. This course will be very question driven and attendee driven.   *NOTE - Please send your questions to Allison at by Monday, April 19, if you are already using Concourse, have general questions about the software, or if […]

Men and Money

Virtual Event

Author and Christian financial advisor, Marc Hall, will walk us through how honoring God with our resources is about more than just money. A mindset that seeks to glorify God […]

Atriuum: An Internet-Based Library Software Program

Virtual Event

During this question-driven/attendee-driven session, learn all about Atriuum, an internet-based library software program, from course leaders Allison Maynard and Suzanne Burton.   *NOTE - Please send your questions to Allison by Monday, April 26, at, whether you are already using Atriuum, have general questions about the library software, or if you are considering purchase. […]

Men and Anger

Virtual Event

In this free webinar event, author and speaker Randy Hemphill, will be leading a much needed discussion on Men and Anger. Randy leads a ministry aimed at restoring the hearts of men.

Church Tax Conference for Small Churches

Virtual Event

Do you need a W-2 if the pastor is the only paid employee?  Do you have to complete the form 941?  Can the minister take 100% of his income as housing?  How does a small church of 100 or less differ from the large church in tax issues?  For questions contact Lee Wright at […]

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