Past Webinars

Join Dr. Al Saunders, Director of Wellspring Christian Clinic, as he discusses common mental health issues for teenagers.
The church library is much more than a room of books. In this webinar Morlee Maynard takes a look at the social library approach as a strategic way churches are transforming their libraries to become major players in carrying out their churches’ vision, mission, core values, and disciple making processes.
Emerging church libraries are embracing the uniqueness of their churches. Join webinar leader Morlee Maynard as we consider the shifts five of these churches are making with their libraries. These shifts can be idea starters for all of us.
During this informative webinar, hear from a panel including Savannah Abney, CCO of Breezy Content, Chattanooga; Brian Harris and Lauren Cumbie, social media strategists at Dogwood Media Solutions, Montgomery; Johnny Ellison, pastor of Golden Acres Baptist Church, Phenix City; and state missionaries for evangelism Daniel Wilson and Matt Burford, as they discuss how to effectively use social media for evangelism.
COVID has rapidly changed our culture and our churches in the past months. What does that mean for worship in the coming years? In this webinar, Kenny Lamm, Senior Consultant in Worship & Music at the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina, explores the various aspects of in-person and online worship and the importance of emphasizing both strongly. Special attention will be given to engaging your online community in discipleship and worship, copyright issues, and a consideration of a complete reboot of worship ministries beyond COVID-19. What does God want our worship ministries to look like in the near future?