Past Webinars

During this informative webinar, hear from a panel including Savannah Abney, CCO of Breezy Content, Chattanooga; Brian Harris and Lauren Cumbie, social media strategists at Dogwood Media Solutions, Montgomery; Johnny Ellison, pastor of Golden Acres Baptist Church, Phenix City; and state missionaries for evangelism Daniel Wilson and Matt Burford, as they discuss how to effectively use social media for evangelism.
COVID has rapidly changed our culture and our churches in the past months. What does that mean for worship in the coming years? In this webinar, Kenny Lamm, Senior Consultant in Worship & Music at the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina, explores the various aspects of in-person and online worship and the importance of emphasizing both strongly. Special attention will be given to engaging your online community in discipleship and worship, copyright issues, and a consideration of a complete reboot of worship ministries beyond COVID-19. What does God want our worship ministries to look like in the near future?
God has designed the Body of Christ to function together to fulfill the Great Commission. Now more than ever the Church must see membership that “works” and not membership with “perks.” Every believer is designed by God to function through the Body with their gifts and abilities. In this webinar Robert Mullins, pastor of Crossroads Community Church, joins State Missionary Ken Allen as they discuss this timely topic.
For most churches attendance has declined considerably during this season of COVID. With the vaccine and, hopefully, a decline in overall cases later this year, now is the time to prepare for a return revival. In this webinar, State Missionaries Ken Allen and Mark Gainey and Church Health Strategist George Yates explore the topic of reclaiming church members. This webinar is being made available by the Office of LeaderCare and Church Health.
Fulfilling the Great Commission requires cultivating relationships with unbelievers and leveraging those relationships for the purpose of sharing the Good News of Jesus. In this webinar, State Missionaries Ken Allen, Daniel Wilson and Terry Long, and Church Health Strategist George Yates, discuss methods to accomplish that goal, with a special emphasis on gospel conversations. (This webinar is part of the “Connect: Pathways That Lead to Connection” series, provided by the Office of LeaderCare & Church Health.)
It’s a new day and a new paradigm. This webinar focuses on connecting believers of all levels with non-believers in the local community, residents and businesses. Join George Yates, church health strategist; Daniel Wilson, state missionary and evangelism director, State Board of Missions; Josh Cook, church revitalization specialist, Birmingham Metro Baptist Association; and Mike Williams, associate pastor, Golden Springs Baptist Church, Anniston, as they share different approaches and spark your thinking for out-of-the-ordinary ministry connections that your church can undertake. You’ll come away with ideas to help you become a 1st century (Acts) church in the 21st century. It’s all part of discipleship! (This webinar is part of the “Connect: Pathways That Lead to Connection” series, provided by the Office of LeaderCare & Church Health.)