We will share ideas on how preparation and organization of space and resources contribute to classroom management. Tips for managing and redirecting behavior – including separation anxiety, safety guidelines such as entering and exiting the classroom, cleaning, and bathroom protocol will be provided.
Webinar for pastors, church staff, Children and Preschool ministers, lay leaders on how to lead a child to Christ.
As churches begin to reopen their preschool and children’s ministries, what will nursery, Sunday School, children’s worship and other programs look like in the days to come? Join Patty Burns and Belinda Stroud, state missionaries for preschool and children’s ministries, as they lead a discussion about the “new normal” in this area. Topics include children’s ministry in a socially distanced world, how to provide a clean and safe environment for children and preschoolers, ways to involve children in your worship service, and many other great ideas on how your church can minister to and disciple children, preschoolers and their families.
We love our children and want to be good parents and leaders. We want our kids to know God and grow in their relationship with Him. Trends show that our culture is becoming increasingly secular with fewer younger generations staying in church. What can families do to help their kids know God and continue to stay in a growing relationship with Him? Come learn about the greatest influences of spiritual health for your kids and how to focus on what is really most important for our children. This session is led by Cindy Thomas, children and preschool minister at FBC Dothan, and Belinda Stroud, state missionary for childhood discipleship at the State Board of Missions.
Before we can provide the most effective learning and Christ-centered environment possible, we must make sure we are providing a safe and secure ministry environment. In this session, we will explore policies, job descriptions, guidelines, security procedures, volunteer manuals and more. Not only will we discuss content, but we will also examine effective ways to make sure your volunteers, parents and kids are informed and understand your safety plan. This session will be led by Danielle Bell, minister to children at Dawson Memorial Baptist Church, and Belinda Stroud, state missionary for childhood discipleship at the State Board of Missions.
Ministry often stretches beyond Sunday morning. Maybe that’s a Sunday evening or another midweek gathering, or possibly in our own homes in the new world of social distancing. How do we teach Bible skills? Personal spiritual habits? Deeper Bible study? Missions? How can we equip parents on how to disciple their own children? Join us as we talk how to implement these deeper discipleship practices in our kids’ lives in this enriching session led by Jeremy Carroll, LifeWay Kids Ministry publishing manager for VBS and discipleship resources, and Belinda Stroud, state missionary for childhood discipleship.
We all know that there is good and bad, pros and cons to almost everything. In this new world of social distancing our children are using technology more than ever. Join us as we navigate how to use technology in a positive and safe way with our children and in the children’s ministries of our churches. This session will be led by Tony Bianco, interim student minister at Houston’s First Baptist Church, and Belinda Stroud, state missionary for childhood discipleship.