Median Adults

How to Build a Strategy to Engage Your Group When Using a Virtual Platform

Learn how to build a strategy to engage your group when using a virtual platform such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Webex, etc., in this session led by John Thomas, mission strategist for the Southeast Alabama Baptist Association.

Keep Your I’s on the Future- Leading Adult Groups to Embrace New Realities

In this session, Joe Sherrer, professor of discipleship & ministry leadership at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, will guide leaders to focus on their identity and the need for intentionality and to embrace intensity – all real needs in our adult groups.

Communication Lessons from the Life of Christ

Liz Sherrer, teaching plan writer for LifeWay Christian Resources and retired educational consultant, will discuss how Jesus communicated and connected with people, as well as how these approaches can be used in our groups today.

How to (Re)Build Effective Teaching and Community in Your Class